Restorative Meditation Sessions ~ with Diana

May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears...

Nelson Mandela


Change is a door that can only be open from the inside...~unknown~

Who is Diana - the yoga teacher...

I am a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (200/RYT) and certified in Restorative Meditation/Yoga Guide. Through my passion and training, it is my heartfelt goal to create a tranquil environment during one of my Restorative Meditation Sessions with you. I hope to provide a time where you come to find a place to disconnect from the demands of your day and a chance to feel release, relaxation and calmness of mind. Through love of healing, it is my desire to bring you to a place of transformation, all this is possible if you can come with a receiving heart and open mind and meet me on the mat.

Here is the other side of me, I am a 53 year old woman that is trying to figure out how to get the most of me and this life, by living a healthy life. I am working on how to figure out what my body, mind and soul need at this age and time of my life. How much exercise is right for me and what's right for my body and all it's been through in my life. We all have had different issues, accidents, illnesses and traumas we've faced (mental, physical and emotional), so our needs are all going to vary.

I hope during my yoga classes, I show you how to do yoga pose that fit you and not the other way around. I want to show you how to move your body into a pose that is right for your body and your body alone, not mine and not the person next to you. I was in a car accident and so far I still can't move my hip quite like the other side. But this doesn't been I give up on practicing yoga poses. It means I need to learn new way to move that hip, figure out a different way to get into the pose I've been working on, but it doesn't mean I give up and say "doing yoga isn't right for me", because Yoga poses are right for all of us, if we take the time to figure our how to do them in the body you have now.

I hope to see you on your mat and working on getting comfortable with the body you built while here on this earth.

What is Restorative Meditative Yoga (RMY)

RMY is a safe place for you to have the time needed to engage your nervous system, reset your state of mind and allow your body to renew and rejuvenate .  During this session I hope to guide you so that you can let go of those things in life that could be causing you to tighten up - mentally, emotionally and physically.

How does Restorative Meditation Yoga do what it does: A RMY session provides enough time for you to disconnect from disruptions, responsibilities and demands in our day, allowing you a space to recharge your internal batteries - mind, body and emotions. 


We are pulled in so many directions every day, this can be the one place for you to do nothing but focus on you, to rest your mind and find comfort during the release that can take place in your body.  A time for you just to be here, with and for yourself.

The Benefits of a Restorative Yoga Session:  Benefits may include optimizing energy flow to your organs. I hope to provide you a calm quiet place, with supported poses that are not like a typical yoga class, where you hold the poses. In this session, the props will hold you and the space will support you.  This may allow you to find the self love, calmness and tranquility that you fully deserve, reducing your “fight or flight” response.


During a Restorative Mediation session, I like to introduce a beginners level of meditation while including long passively held yoga poses.


A session usually lasts for about 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on the group size).


During a Restorative Mediation session you will be supported by props which help enhance or enable you to achieve, a state of relaxation and release.


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