Classic in Ercu Sugar and Cream Cotton - a true throw back to those carefree days, when love was in the air and on your mind. This easy breezy boho inspired top is great for summer lovin'. Feel fancy free when you pair this with your favorite skirt or festival pants. I love working with Ercu cotton yarn to make these boho festival tops. They just come together wonderfully and always surprise me by their hippy carefree look.

Classic Boho Bikini

Size: Small
  • Hand wash in cold water, towel pat dry, reshape and lay flat till completely dry. You can flip it over to make sure it drys equally.  If hand re-shaping doesn’t leave you with the original cup fit, you can use a steam iron (held above and not touching the yarn) to gently encourage the cup to come back into shape.

    Please remember this is 100% cotton yarn. If you get it wet it WILL lose its shape. This top is NOT intended to go swimming in.

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